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Title: Nightmares Made Flesh
Artist: Bloodbath
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 3/8/05
Judgment Committee Reviews Rating
Abyss 5
Death 5
Hel 5
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  • Abyss's Review:
    Bloodbath are one of the few 'supergroups' that lives up to its potential, providing a sound that is at once reminiscent of early Stockholm and also well produced and contemporary. This time around there's a little more Hypocrisy and a little less Opeth, as Peter Tagtgren has taken over vocal duties from Akerfeldt. And as good as Akerfeldt was, the Hypocrisy frontman takes full control here, warming up the vocals and introducing a range and intensity that send this album over the top. The lyrics are thick and menacing, but also easy to understand, making this the best vocal performance I've heard in some time.

    "One word review: Brilliant!"

    But the sound as a whole isn't all that different from what we've heard from this band before. The band is comprised of many prolific songwriters and each of their respective talents come shining through in the finished product. This band is the rare exception where too many cooks don't spoil the soup, and instead find the perfect balance of seasoning. Even the less exciting songs on this record are immaculately constructed, with bombastic riffs and well thought out melodies. The soloing also rises above the pack, adding the finishing touch to each and every song.

    Here's hoping a tour of America accompanies this album, because, 'side project' or not, when chemistry like this comes along, you have to utilize it. This band is greater than the sum of its parts, which is almost unheard of with something like this. If you liked the last two efforts by this band, you won't be disappointed. One word review: Brilliant!
    5 out of 5
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    Death's Review:
    "This is an album that stands out above the crowd and begs for repeated listens."
    Bloodbath return with another triumphant, powerful, and brutally precise modern retelling of the classic Stockholm sound. Peter from Hypocrisy takes over on vocals, and does a great job on this well-produced platter of blood-splattered riffs. Everything sounds great, taking the feel of the killer last album, Resurrection Through Carnage, through to the next logical level of intensity. This is an album that stands out above the crowd and begs for repeated listens. It is readily apparent that Bloodbath is ready to take the U.S. by storm with this sound if they were to decide to ditch the side-project excuse and do Bloodbath full-time for a few months. The metaphorical bodies would be lying slaughtered throughout the proverbial land, as they say, each one of them devastated by Bloodbath's personified metallic reverence. I think all facets of the current metal scene could appreciate the magnitude of the Bloodbath sound at this point. Anyway, this one is worth picking up, even for those of you out there with relatively limited funds.
    5 out of 5
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    Hel's Review:
    Take your seat, for class is about to resume. Bloodbath is in session once again; here to teach us all an advanced course on the role classic death metal should play in the new millennium. The topic for today is creating a guitar riff like no other.

    "A truly remarkable release."

    The guitar lines are what I keep returning to during my attempts to pinpoint what exactly it is about this album that I find so refreshing. The riffs consistently deviate from the expected, and bring a level of complexity to the record that makes it completely compelling.

    Add in fantastic performances from all the other instruments as well, and you have a truly remarkable release. The production is clear and allows the listener to appreciate every intriguing note. Nightmares Made Flesh is an album that begs to be returned to my player again and again. I know I will be listening to this one often, long after my review is finished.
    5 out of 5
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